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How do I create an event?

1. Create a Professional account.

2. Go to "Artist events" - click "New Event".

3. Click "Save Changes". Your event will be published immediately. 

 *Include your time zone in the description of the event. 


How do I live stream on 60 Core?

Follow these 5 steps to go live:

  1. Install OBS.
  2. On OBS, go to Settings – "Stream". Choose "Custom" and copy the information from 60 Core to OBS.
  3. Add your audio/video sources to OBS.
  4. Click "Start Streaming" on OBS when you are ready. Click "Go Live" on 60 Core.
  5. When you end your event, make sure you click "Stop Live" on 60 Core.

Important: don't go live before. This will change your event to "Past Events" and no one will be able to watch it.

If you need assistance please contact us here or to +351936075938 and we would be happy to help you.



Do I need to perform in real-time?

No, you can use a pre-recorded concert and use OBS to live stream.


How can I go live using a recorded concert?

Follow these steps:

  1. Install OBS software.
  2. On OBS, go to Settings – “Stream”. Choose “Custom” and copy the information from 60 Core to OBS. Then, click < + > and choose “Media Source”.
  3. Upload your video from your computer.
  4. Make sure your video is at 0:00 (don’t press play just yet).
  5. A few minutes before the event, click Start Streaming on OBS. Then, click Go Live on 60 Core. 
  6. Play the video on OBS.
  7. Wait for it to connect (45 seconds to 1 minute), and you will start to see your video playing already on

When you end your event, make sure you click "Stop Streaming” on OBS and “Stop Live" on 60 Core.


 *If you don’t see the video playing on 60 Core after 1 minute, refresh the entire page and it should start working.


How long can the event be?

The maximum duration for live streaming on 60 Core is 100 minutes.


Can I test the live streaming?

Yes! To it, please contact us here so we can send you a test key. Don't use a "real" event to test the live streaming.


How much does it cost to schedule an event on 60 Core?



Where can the audience watch my live streaming?

The live streams are broadcast at All live streams are “private”, meaning your audience has to purchase a ticket to see them. 


What can I do with a Professional account?

A Professional account allows you to schedule your event, go live, create an Artist page, as well as check your earnings. 


Can the audience watch the live streaming after the event?

No, only one time.


 Who can I speak to if I have a problem?

 Our support team will be happy to assist you via email at


Do I need to know a lot about technology to do a live streaming event?

No. OBS is simple to use and you will be up and running in no time. If you need help setting up your live streaming, please contact us here.


What happens if my internet connection goes down during the live streaming?

You should test your internet connection a few hours before the event. Go to and test your internet connection.

If you cannot make it work after 15 minutes, you will have to postpone the concert. 


Using an Ethernet cable helps?

Yes. We highly advise you to use an Ethernet cable for your live streaming events.


What are the dont's of live streaming events? 

Consider your live streaming event with the same professionalism as a physical event. Your paid audience deserves the best experience possible from you, and to do that we give you here some reminders:

  •  Do not leave the frame.
  • Prepare all our gear and set up before the show as on a normal event.
  • Do not check your phone or text.
  • Avoid fixing your camera during the show.
  • Dress and prepare as an actual live performance.

Remember, your audience wants to see you at your best! 


What if I need assistance during my event?

Our team is constantly monitoring the status of the platform. If we find a problem, we will try to assist you as fast as possible. We work seven days a week to provide your audience the best experience possible. Our support team will be happy to assist you via email at


What is the maximum duration of each event?

You can live stream up to 100 minutes per event.


How many tickets can I sell?

You can sell as many tickets as you want.

 Note: if you are doing an event with 3€ as the price of the tickets, you need to sell 20 tickets for the event to occur.


Can I propose a category that is not available on 60 Core?

Of course! Contact us here.


Where can I read the Terms & Conditions?

Click here to read the "Terms & Conditions".



Where can I check my ticket sales?

Go to “Checking Account” and see the information regarding all of your sales at 60 Core.


When do you pay the Professionals?

After your live event is finished successfully, you can expect to receive the payment via bank transfer within 10 business days.


How much is 60 Core fee?

We only charge 15% of ticket sales.


Where can I check the ticket sales?

Go to "Checking Account" and see how many tickets you have sold.


Is it free to signup?

Yes! You can sign up without any up-front cost.


How can I create a Professional account?

Click here to create your free Professional account.




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