Samuel Marques (clarinet) & Dana Radu (piano) - Corona aftermath

Samuel Marques (clarinet) & Dana Radu (piano) - Corona aftermath


This event has already ended.

02 Apr 19:00

Hello everyone! We are a Portugal-based clarinet and piano duo. We've started way back in 2017 out of passion for music and of desire for discovery. We had a few recitals scheduled for early 2021, all of which were postponed as Portugal entered a new lockdown. We are now finally slowly getting out of it and concert halls will open in mid-April, which means our concerts will be rescheduled to April and May. The point is: we're so eager to resume rehearsing and performing together, that we've come to the conclusion that we have to share with you all some of the pieces we'll be performing in those recitals. The plan is -- we'll have a day-long rehearsal later this month to get in shape and will record the repertoire we feel is ready to be shown to the world. The decision will be made only on that day, but you can already expect works from composers such as Händel, Brahms, Liszt, Poulenc and maybe some lesser known Portuguese composers. You can get a taste of it here: Make sure to tune in -- we'd be so happy to share this moment with you and to feel your support!

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