Cello duo: Ülker Tümer and Romana Šimbera

Cello duo: Ülker Tümer and Romana Šimbera


This event has already ended.

16 May 20:00

An international cello duo, Ülker Trümer from Trukey and Romana Šimbera from Sloveia, will take you on a journey back to Barock with works from Platti, Barriere, Marcello, Offenbach and Vivaldi. Programm: Giovanni Benedetto Platti: Cello Sonata No. 1 in g minor Adagio Non presto Largo Allegro Jean-Baptiste Barriere: Sonata No 10, for 2 violoncello Andante Adagio Allegro prestissimo Benedetto Marcello: Cello Sonata No 2 in e minor Andante Allegro Largo Andante Antonio Vivaldi: Cello Sonata No. 7 in a minor, RV 44 Largo Allegro poco

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