Natan Zlodre

Personal Info


Date of Birth - 1996-09-11

Natan Zlodre

You can listen to Natan at the following platforms: Natan Zlodre (1996) completed three grades of high school in "Pavao Markovac" music school in Zagreb, in professor Xhevedet Sahatxhija’s class, from 2014 he continued education with professor Goran Listeš at the music school "Pavao Markovac" in Zagreb where he graduated with honors in 2015. He studied at the Art Academy in Split (Croatia), in professor Goran Listeš’s class. He finished Baccalaureate studies at the Academia Muzyczna im.I.J.Paderewskiego w Poznaniu in the class of professor Lukasz Kuropaczewski (Poland). Natan is currently doing Master studies at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague under maestro Pavel Steidl and has won many international and national competition awards.

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