Mickael Viegas

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Date of Birth - 1987-03-12

Mickael Viegas

He was born in Paris on the 12th March 1987. He was a young child when he comes to Portugal and at nine years old he starts studying classical guitar at the Conservatório Regional do Algarve. While continuing his studies, he also attended several workshops, lectures and classes in the musical field both in Portugal and abroad under the supervision of the most renown interpreters and composers for guitar, namely, Master Classes with Roland Dyens, Leo Brouwer, Sergio and Odair Assad, Alberto Ponce, among others. In 2006 he enters in the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa where he gets the degree in Music, in the Fingering Strings Performing Variant (Guitar), finishing the course with a performance as a soloist guitar player for the Concert nr. 6 by Leo Brouwer, accompanied by a strings orchestra from the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. In 2009 enters in the Universidad de Extremadura and , in a protocol with this institution, he attends classes at the distinguished Luthier Paulino Barnabé's home, in Madrid, where he gets his master's degree in the course “Classical Guitar and Musical Interpretation”, under the supervision of the Spanish master Ricardo Gállen. Nowadays he is a teacher at the AMEC/Metropolitana in Lisbon. Multi-instrumentalist, composer and writer he stands out because of his exemplary academical curriculum and for the multiple projects accomplished like , for example, the album recordings "The Complete Guitar Works of Heitor Villa-Lobos - A Prospect of a Future Guitar" and the new teaching and learning book called “Drums on Guitar- The Guitar Rudiments”.

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