Michael Rosin

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Date of Birth - 1991-08-24

Michael Rosin

Michael Rosin is a music historian, writer, educator and professional keyboardist. He is active as a music scholar, writing and producing content for WQXR, New York's Classical Music Radio Station, and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. He has written music and scholarly articles for ensembles & organizations around the US and Europe, and has served as music director, producer & consultant for concerts & recitals. Holding two degrees in Music Composition and Theory, Michael has given lecture performances in the US and UK, and has performed recitals on piano, harpsichord and organ. He is the Music Historian at the New Jersey Festival Orchestra, and provides pre-concert lectures and program notes for their concerts. He has also been published in national and local music journals, and maintains a private music studio offering courses on music theory, history, jazz as well as piano lessons for all ages. Recently, Michael became the Musicologist-in-Residence for Music in the Somerset Hills, curating video podcasts with the artists. He has brought most of his efforts online by producing articles, videos, and a podcast called “The Music that Speaks.” For more information on his courses and on-demand content, visit his website www.michaelrosin.com

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